How You Can Lose Fat With the Right Surgery

Some some people, standard methods of weight loss simply don’t work. No matter how much they diet or how often they exercise, they don’t get the results that they need. Thankfully, there’s another option that’s available to them: weight loss surgery. Yes many people see it as controversial, but many people have seen success with it. For example I know people all around the country who have lost weight and improved their lives by getting stuff like abdominoplasty?done, this guy in Ohio does a great job at that.)

weight loss the right way

This surgery will allow them to get rid of their fat and have the body they’ve always dreamed of. In addition, it’ll give them the tools they need to maintain their weight in the future. There’s no reason to feel stuck being at a weight you’re uncomfortable with when such a surgery exists.

If you’re interested in this surgery, talk to your doctor and see what they recommend (if you need a doctor then I recommend this one down in the Texas San Antonio area) They may suggest that you try to gain or lose a little bit of weight first so that the surgery will be more efficient. Once they give you the okay, you can take steps towards getting your fat-shedding surgery.

If you’re not happy with your weight, you don’t have to live this way any longer. You can get surgery that helps you lose fat, and wind up having the kind of body you’ve always desired. It’s a great option for anyone who can’t lose weight.

How To Kill Stretch Marks From Weight Lifting

As great as weight lifting is when it comes to sexifying your body and helping you build muscle as well as build stronger joints and bones, there are surprisingly some big drawbacks to weight lifting.

One of the biggest drawbacks to weight lifting is that they can produce a lot of nasty stretch marks (see pic here).

stretch marks lifting

This is one of the biggest drawbacks to lifting weights and unfortunately it isn’t possible to get rid of them right away. The only possible way so far to get rid of them is by lasers which can be very expensive or by using stretch mark cream which have been shown to be just as effective as lasers while being at a fraction of the cost.

So when lifting weights, you simply have to be more careful and you simply have to be aware that this is one of the main drawbacks when it comes to lifting weights. It can be tough but most people who lift weights will have to get a few stretch marks here and there.

How Long Does It Take To Jump 10 Inches Higher

Everyone wants results fast.

When it comes to jumping higher, everyone wants results and damn, do they get impateint.

Just like weight loss, everyone wants to lose 50 pounds in 10 days but nobody wants to put in the freaking work. Well first off let me tell you that jumpin higher is just like weight loss.

It takes time and with time that means it takes patience (which is something that I’ve found most people lack).

To be realistic you can increase your vertical jump by about 10 inches every 14-30 days.

However there is an upward cap to this, meaning that the first 10 inches you gain you will only gain less and less with every 14-30 days (according to this article by 46 Jumpers). So on the second round of your efforts, you might only gain 8 inches then 6 inches and so on and so on.

This displays the law of diminished returns and it shows how similar it is to weight loss and any other difficult goal.

For the best info on vertical training, check out this video:

Ayurvedic Herbs Can Increase Vitality & Energy

Rasayana is the name given to one of the mayor branches of Ayurveda and this is the one that deals with rejuvenation and longevity as well as energy and strength. We live in very different times and everyone needs have enough energy to get through very long days filled with a lot of complicated and stressful tasks.


The modern world does not allow for people to work slowly and take things easy, we are living in a very competitive and hectic technological world and that is why we need to make sure we are performing at our best.

When people try to do too many things at once and they don’t have proper supplementation to get things done, they start to feel more and more tired and stress also builds up until they have a break down. You can easily avoid that if you take the Dharmony ayurvedic herbs to allow your body to be able to take all that activity.

Top Weight Loss Rules That People Break

Losing weight is neither easy nor quick. You have to remain dedicated to a suitable fitness plan and strictly follow the guidelines set by personal trainer CBD if you want to see time-bound results.

There are several fitness rules that you are advised to follow although you just love breaking rules now and then; don’t you! However, it is for your own benefit that you must never break some of the cardinal rules associated with fitness such as avoiding certain food groups, controlling portions, exercising regularly and so on.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the first major meal of the day which provides you with all the energy you need for the day ahead. When you skip breakfast, you succumb to hunger pangs later and stuff yourself with unhealthy fast food or unending cups of coffee to assuage that hunger. Naturally, your weight loss goal goes for a toss under such a situation.



So if you are really serious about shedding the inches, always start your day with a hearty and healthy breakfast. And if you are training with a CBD personal trainer early in the morning, they will never allow you to begin your classes on an empty stomach.

10 Tips From Stephen Amell’s Personal Trainer

best workout training tips

Stephen Amell’s personal trainer has whooped him into shape for the first season of the hit tv show Arrow and he plans to do it again for the upcoming season 2.

For 2, Amell’s personal trainer Ryan Bennedict designed a hard and rigorous training program to help him build lean muscle while also burning a little bit fat in the process.

During this process I read an interview online that outlined the 10 best tips to get a superhero body like Stephen Amell.

1) Lift for only 3 days per week

During this time you should only be lifting weights 3 days per week. If you are a beginner this is even more important.

2) Drink lots of water?

This is important to recover

3) Eat lots of beef

Beef is rich in creatine which is a natural muscle bulder

4) Eat lots of fish

Amell ate about a pound of fish per week. The reason behind this was because the fish helped raise his Omega 3 levels.

5) Don’t do too much cardio

Cardio can waste your muscles meaning that all your hard work in the gym will go to a waste if you do too much of it. In the best case scenario, try not to do any more than 3-5 hours of cardio per week.

What is your favorite tip. Le me know in your comments below. Also let me know your favorite Arrow scene.

And to close here’s my favorite scene from Arrow, Stephen Amell is so cool:

Best Nutritionist Advice For Fat Loss

One of the best fat loss diets out there today is the one that professional nutritionists provide. The reason behind this is because nutritionists always provide specialized plans that fit a person’s (man or woman) unique lifestyle.

For example, if someone can not eat sugar then their nutritionist wouldn’t recommend that they eat any sugar and would put them on a low carb diet to suit their needs.

If you want to be successful with dieting then this is the level of customization that you need to be aware of. You need them to provide excellent nutritional analysis services for your diet.

Another example would be someone who can’t eat any protein due to having kidney disease and in this case, their dietitian would place them on low protein diet and would bump up their carb and fat intake instead.

This means that they would have to eat more fruits, vegetables, and tofu since eating more meat protein would do more harm than good.

Top 3 Foods To Lose Belly Fat

Today you decided to make a life change. Today you area going to lose that last 10 pounds and believe it will be a breeze.

Here are the top 3 foods to lose belly fat and finally get that beach body that you have always dreamed of.


The first food on the list is salmon. I normally wouldn’t recommend salmon since it is not the most healthy fish but for fat loss, it is one of the most fatty fish to help burn belly fat since the Omega 3 fatty acids attack body fat at the core.

The second food on the list is diet soda. Not what you though, huh? Well diet soda is actually very helpful to burn fat because it blunts hunger and allows you to feel full on fewer calories.

The final food only my list to lose weight is steak. The reason I recommend this fatty meat (aka cow) because it stimulates a hormone in your body called leptin that speeds up the process  of fat burning.