10 Tips From Stephen Amell’s Personal Trainer

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Stephen Amell’s personal trainer has whooped him into shape for the first season of the hit tv show Arrow and he plans to do it again for the upcoming season 2.

For 2, Amell’s personal trainer Ryan Bennedict designed a hard and rigorous training program to help him build lean muscle while also burning a little bit fat in the process.

During this process I read an interview online that outlined the 10 best tips to get a superhero body like Stephen Amell.

1) Lift for only 3 days per week

During this time you should only be lifting weights 3 days per week. If you are a beginner this is even more important.

2) Drink lots of water?

This is important to recover

3) Eat lots of beef

Beef is rich in creatine which is a natural muscle bulder

4) Eat lots of fish

Amell ate about a pound of fish per week. The reason behind this was because the fish helped raise his Omega 3 levels.

5) Don’t do too much cardio

Cardio can waste your muscles meaning that all your hard work in the gym will go to a waste if you do too much of it. In the best case scenario, try not to do any more than 3-5 hours of cardio per week.

What is your favorite tip. Le me know in your comments below. Also let me know your favorite Arrow scene.

And to close here’s my favorite scene from Arrow, Stephen Amell is so cool:

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