How Long Does It Take To Jump 10 Inches Higher

Everyone wants results fast.

When it comes to jumping higher, everyone wants results and damn, do they get impateint.

Just like weight loss, everyone wants to lose 50 pounds in 10 days but nobody wants to put in the freaking work. Well first off let me tell you that jumpin higher is just like weight loss.

It takes time and with time that means it takes patience (which is something that I’ve found most people lack).

To be realistic you can increase your vertical jump by about 10 inches every 14-30 days.

However there is an upward cap to this, meaning that the first 10 inches you gain you will only gain less and less with every 14-30 days (according to this article by 46 Jumpers). So on the second round of your efforts, you might only gain 8 inches then 6 inches and so on and so on.

This displays the law of diminished returns and it shows how similar it is to weight loss and any other difficult goal.

For the best info on vertical training, check out this video:

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