How To Kill Stretch Marks From Weight Lifting

As great as weight lifting is when it comes to sexifying your body and helping you build muscle as well as build stronger joints and bones, there are surprisingly some big drawbacks to weight lifting.

One of the biggest drawbacks to weight lifting is that they can produce a lot of nasty stretch marks (see pic here).

stretch marks lifting

This is one of the biggest drawbacks to lifting weights and unfortunately it isn’t possible to get rid of them right away. The only possible way so far to get rid of them is by lasers which can be very expensive or by using stretch mark cream which have been shown to be just as effective as lasers while being at a fraction of the cost.

So when lifting weights, you simply have to be more careful and you simply have to be aware that this is one of the main drawbacks when it comes to lifting weights. It can be tough but most people who lift weights will have to get a few stretch marks here and there.

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