Top 3 Foods To Lose Belly Fat

Today you decided to make a life change. Today you area going to lose that last 10 pounds and believe it will be a breeze.

Here are the top 3 foods to lose belly fat and finally get that beach body that you have always dreamed of.


The first food on the list is salmon. I normally wouldn’t recommend salmon since it is not the most healthy fish but for fat loss, it is one of the most fatty fish to help burn belly fat since the Omega 3 fatty acids attack body fat at the core.

The second food on the list is diet soda. Not what you though, huh? Well diet soda is actually very helpful to burn fat because it blunts hunger and allows you to feel full on fewer calories.

The final food only my list to lose weight is steak. The reason I recommend this fatty meat (aka cow) because it stimulates a hormone in your body called leptin that speeds up the process  of fat burning.

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